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whole genome sequencing

whole genome sequencing

here at bgi we were involved in the very first human genome project 20 years ago and have been providing human whole genome sequencing (wgs) services ever since to support researchers and companies all over the world with their human genome research projects. contact us today with any questions or for a no obligation quote.

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whole genome sequencing introduction

bgi's human whole genome sequencing (wgs) service detects the complete genome sequence at one time and provides a high-resolution, base-by-base view of the genome. this enables researchers to see both large and small variants and identify potential causative variants for further follow-on gene expression or regulation mechanism studies.

wgs can be applied to a wide range of human genetics research applications including, evolution studies to detect genome-wide genetic variations and pathogenic and susceptibility gene analysis. it can also be applied to translational research to provide information on cancer and disease-associated mutations, and is one of the most important research approaches in precision medicine.

our high quality, cost-efficient wgs services have seen most of our partners transition away from microarray-based genotyping studies. we provide wgs services in a range of coverages to suit all research requirements. contact us for a no obligation discussion about your project.

20 years of global wgs project experience comprising 600,000 samples.

guaranteed data quality at competitive pricing enabled by proprietary technology.

rapid turnaround times, global service, no project too big or small.

expert support at every step of your project.

human whole genome sequencing-bgi service overview

sampling overview

regular samples:

pcr library

• ≥ 200ng (recommend ≥ 400ng)

• ≥ 8ng/μl

pcr-free library

• ≥ 1μg (recommend ≥ 2μg)

• ≥ 12.5ng/μl

low input samples:

• ≥ 50ng 

• ≥ 2.5ng/μl

sequencing standards

• pe100 or pe150
• guaranteed 80% of bases with quality score of q30
• standard sequencing coverage 30x/90gb data (60x is recommended for cancer samples)

key service details

• typical 10 working days from sample qc acceptance to data delivery
• expedited services are available, contact your local bgi specialist for details
• reports and output data files are delivered in industry standard file formats: bam, .xls, .png and fastq data.

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unique dnbseq™ sequencing technology

bgi's human whole genome sequencing services are typically executed with proprietary dnbseq™ sequencing technology platforms, for great sequencing data at some of the lowest costs in the industry. dnbseq™ can offer advantages in terms of lower amplification error rates and much lower duplication rates in wgs/wes applications. in addition, studies have shown the lower index hopping rate in dnbseq™ platforms.

contact us with any general enquiries or questions for our sequencing experts, we are here to help.

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we care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results. access more resources below for full access to our range of educational respurces and sample guides.

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