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rapid whole genome sequencing (rwgs)


dnbseq™ rapid whole genome sequencing (rwgs)

a new paradigm for whole genome sequencing: high quality, affordable wgs data, for when you need it fast.

bgi's rapid whole genome sequencing (rwgs) service is designed for partners who are working in time critical healthcare or research settings where rapid access to quality whole genome data may be key for the effective medical management of acutely ill patients.

whole genome sequencing can be applied to human genetics and evolution studies to detect genome-wide genetic variations, pathogenic and susceptibility genes, and to enable genetic diversity and evolution analysis. it can also be applied to translational research to provide information on cancer and disease-associated mutations and is one of the most important approaches of precision medicine.

bgi provides rwgs with a 10 working day turn around time from acceptance of qualified samples. the service is executed with bgi's proprietary dnbseq™ technology platform for great sequencing data at the competitive pricing in the industry.

we currently offer rapid human whole genome sequencing from $800 including:

  • sample qc, library construction and sequencing 90gb data
  • high quality 30x 150pe data delivered in standard .fastq format
  • multiple bioinformatics options available

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dnbseq™ ngs technology platform

bgi human whole genome sequencing services are typically executed with dnbseq™ ngs technology platform, for great sequencing data at the competitive pricing in the industry.

this system is powered by combinatorial probe-anchor synthesis (cpas), linear isothermal rolling-circle replication and dna nanoballs (dnb™) technology, followed by high-resolution digital imaging.

bgiseq human whole genome sequencing

data performance

routine sequencing quality scores (na12878, 150pe, 30x) meet or exceed those from current industry-leading sequencing technology: ≥ 95% of bases ≥ q20 and ≥86% of bases ≥ q30. download our service overview via the resources tab for more information.

give our dnbseq™ based wgs services a try and find out why so many trust their valuable research samples to the advanced sequencing experience of bgi.



project workflow

we care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results.
  • sample preparation
    sample qc
  • wgs library preparation
    library qc
  • sequencing
    data qc
  • raw data output
    delivery qc
  • bioinformatics analysis

sequencing service specification

bgi human rapid whole genome sequencing services are executed with the dnbseq™ ngs technology platform with the benefit of lower cost and turn-around-time compared to other platforms.
  • sample preparation and services

    • 150bp paired end sequencing
    • raw data, standard and customized data analysis
    • cap/clia laboratory services
    • cloud-based data storage and delivery system
  • sequencing quality standard

    • guaranteed ≥ 80% of bases with quality score of ≥q30
    • standard sequencing coverage ≥30x; ≥60x is recommended for cancer sample
  • turn around time turn around time

    • typical 10 working days from sample qc acceptance to filtered raw data availability
    • expedited services are available, contact your local bgi specialist for details

sample requirements

we can process your gdna, blood, cell line, fresh frozen tissue applications, with the following general requirements:

data analysis

in addition to raw data output, bgi offers a range of standard and customized bioinformatics pipelines for your whole genome sequencing project.
standard analysis
  • filtering

  • alignment

  • snp calling and annotation

  • snp validation and comparison

  • snp functionality and conservation prediction

  • snp statistics per functional element

  • indel calling and annotation

  • indel validation and comparison

  • indel statistics per functional element

  • cnv calling and annotation

  • sv calling and annotation

available advanced analysis
  • cancer somatic snv and indel analysis

  • de novo mutation analysis for family samples

customized analysis

further customization of bioinformatics analysis to suit your unique project is available: please contact your bgi technical representative