bgi nova™ newborn hereditary hearing loss screening-凯发天生赢家一触即发官网

bgi nova™ newborn hereditary hearing loss screening


over 400 million, including 34 million children, live with disabling hearing loss, affecting their health and quality of life. hearing loss is a common hearing disorder disease with high occurrence and complex causes. genetic factors are responsible for over 50% of hearing loss encountered in neonates, and account for nearly 40% of childhood hearing loss.

bgi have established a neonatal hearing screening strategy combined with genetic test for early detection of hereditary deafness by collecting microscopic blood samples from newborns and extracting dna for high-throughput sequencing. the risk of hearing impairment in newborns will assessed by combining bioinformatics analysis.

  • optional panel suitable for

    option 1: newborns pregnant couples with normal phenotype; option 2: deafness or hearing loss patient population with a family history of deafness or hearing loss

  • sample

    dbs; blood

  • technology

    target sequencing

why choose bgi nova™ newborn hereditary hearing loss screening?

  • avoiding drug-induced hearing loss
  • avoiding late-onset hearing loss
  • predicting the outcome of ci
  • early detecton and early intervention