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targeted proteomics


project workflow

  • sample preparation
  • targeted lc-ms/ms analysis
  • peptide quantitation

mass spectrometry service specification

targeted proteomics services are performed using nano-flow liquid chromatography and cutting-edge mass spectrometer (q exactive hf/hf-x and qtrap 6500).
  • sample preparation and services

    • customized lc method and mrm/prm-acquisition ms method
  • quality standard

    • summary includes all methods and data analysis
    • reports provided in excel or pdf format, raw files available upon request
  • turn around time

    • typical 8 weeks from sample qc acceptance to data report delivery
method development
  • summary of target proteins
  • data quality
  • method demonstration
sample quantification
  • quantitative information
  • data normalizatio
  • quantification of target peptide

sample requirements