low-pass whole genome sequencing: a new standard for genome wide association studies at the cost of genotyping
dr. linda wang
global product manager and dr. joseph pickrell, the co-founder and ceo of gencove

low-pass whole genome sequencing (lp-wgs) allows a wide variety of research applications including highly accurate risk score calculations, ancestry analysis, cnv calling, trait mapping, polygenic risk scoring and high-powered genome-wide association studies. in this webinar, we explore how the combination of bgi’s ultra-efficient lp-wgs service and gencove’s imputation and analysis platform is enabling access to human whole genome information at the cost of genotyping arrays.



what will you learn in this webinar?
– an overview of low pass whole genome sequencing and recommended coverage levels for different applications
– considerations and common challenges in lp-wgs research studies
– a case study comparing the relative accuracy for polygenic risk prediction between lp-wgs and array genotyping on 120 dna samples derived from african and european-ancestry individuals that are part of the 1000 genomes project

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